Panta Rhei – Everything is Spiralling

The old Greek Plato summarised his understanding about the world in the single phrase PANTA RHEI, which – presumably incorrect – was translated as „everything is flowing“. From my point of view it rather means everything is spinning. Observing this wonderful world we can see that spirals are everywhere. In water we can observe spirals in minimum quantity when it starts flowing. When the wind blows, it moves in a spiral, for example Dust Devils, which everyone knows, no later than when Katrina destroyed the famous New Orleans, and all and sundry have seen pictures of galaxies, the giant star clusters of our universe showing a spiral structure as well.

Obviously spirals are ubiquitous

They are created by minimal motion in gases and liquids and follow laws of nature that remain unknown to us. Even solid substances are spinning in a surprising way. I have seen a picture of a salt dome with a helical structure. After extensive studies of literature (original texts by Viktor Schauberger; Callum Coats „Living Energies“; Olof Alexandersson „Living Water“ at al.) I have acquired the following rules:

The 10 Rules of Spirals

  1. Everything is spiralling.
  2. Every spiral consists of two spirals, an inner one and an outer one which is swirling in the opposite direction.


  3. The inner spiral rotates faster than the outer and is surprisingly colder and heavier.
  4. The spiral prefers an egg form.
  5. The egg form originates in the hyperbolic cone.
  6. Spiral, egg form and hyperbolic cone are a unity.
  7. The Golden Ratio must taken in consideration.
  8. Suction is a more common tendency in nature than pressure.
  9. Implosion is a more common tendency in nature than explosion.
  10. Watch nature – understand nature – copy nature.

The purpose and intention of this website is to demonstrate my Experiments and conclusions on the basis of those 10 rules (send me an email). Under the headline Vortexes the honourable visitor can see various devices which work with spirals and have astounding effects.

An important stimulus for my work was the awareness that we have become strangers and partially enemies to our lovely planet. We waste and exploit the resources of the earth in a rapidly frightening process and are very likely to hand over a completely destroyed and plundered planet to our grandchildren.

A principal topic is the consumption of energy.

I´m making the effort, first to minimize my own energy consumption and secondly to develop ideas to possibly encourage you to do the same. Even if it looks a bit strange at first it may attract more and more people over time as the energy prices rise and rise. I know everyone has to make his own decisions about what kind of things to buy and resources to consume and to waste (Zero waste is impossible).

But I´m sure we are all responsible for this gorgeous world. In my case I started thinking and re-evaluating my standard of living from the perspective of declining and more effective energy consumption. I don´t shrink away from extreme decisions (e.g. no car, but public transport and car sharing, it is naturally only possible for a minority). It is important to do a calculation when buying household appliances to find best energy efficiency. At first it seems to be more expensive but on the other hand considering operating costs, the efficiency is much better.

There are lots of websites dealing with this goal, which explain better than I could ever do. But I sound like an

Energie-Verbrauchs-Muffel (Green Energy Granola)

which means that I am keen on saving energy in all concerns. I am thankful for all tips and tricks (EVM-Tips) to publish on my website (citing the name of the originator).

I want spiral flow to be one of the „regenerative energy sources“ in the near future. How and why- this is the goal of this website.