The most famous vortexes in nature are natural tornado, hurricanes (in the northern hemisphere), and typhoons (southern hemisphere), which appear to be progressively intensive and determined every year in the hurricane season the headlines. Hurricane Katrina transformed New Orleans into a ghost town in 2005, devastated huge areas and paralysed an important part of the oil capacity in the Gulf of Mexico. There is an interesting website where scientists are documenting there works on the causes of this object ( There you can get DVD´s with wonderful pictures.

Less known are water vortexes on the surface of the water, so called twisters.

From the weather charts we know cyclones and anticyclones which determine the weather.

There are more gigantic vortexes (galaxies) with sometimes hundreds of thousands of light years diameter, consisting of billions of stars and we do not know what forces are holding the whole mess together.

Furthermore in nature there is a huge variety of living forms with vortexes in them, animals and plants created under the same rules. Last but not least everybody has certainly seen water in the bathtub, pouring tea, having a pee, in which case the water stream is not flat or round or straight, but spins, a circular structure exists giving the stream a surprising coherence.

More examples are going to be collected.